Ever since she can remember, Carrie has had an enormous affection for babies - babies of any kind, really.  Girl or boy, human or otherwise, it didn’t matter, as long as it was new enough to the world that she could put her maternal instinct to work in some way.  Carrie always knew she wanted to work with infants in some capacity or another.

While pursuing a career as a nurse at Charity School of Nursing in the Labor & Delivery Program, Carrie  worked as an infant caregiver at a local childcare center.  Nearing the end of the nursing program and after assisting in numerous deliveries, Carrie’s yearning to form more lasting relationships with the infants she delivered and their families could not be ignored.  She put aside nursing school to prepare for a career in childcare.  After six years of hands-on experience with infants, assisting in numerous deliveries of newborns, and earning a degree in Early Childhood Development, Carrie opened the doors of her own nursery, the first of its kind in the New Orleans area specializing solely in the care of infants.  

Over the years, Carrie has seen how much infant care differs from the care of children even slightly older, which is what made her aware of the need for an infant-only nursery designed towards the unique ways infants learn and develop.  Accordingly, Carrie has structured a nursery that offers a physical space as dynamic as its staff, which combine to create an environment that will truly enhance the infant’s development and overall well-being.  

Carrie’s philosophy is based on research studies which consistently show that a person’s ability to absorb language and information is greater during that person’s infant years than any other time in his or her life. For this reason and many others, we provide an abundance of stimuli throughout the infant’s day. A key component of this philosophy is a nurturing and experienced staff trained to provide stimuli in a constructive yet fun way.  Staff has been carefully selected and trained in order to maintain a superior level of care. It was on this foundation that The Carriage House was conceived.  

 low ratio of infants to caregivers 

We have established a low ratio, assigning only 4 infants to each caregiver, to ensure that each infant has constant hands-on care, one-on-one interactions, and an endless amount of nurturing and attention.

At The Carriage House, you will find a group of experienced caregivers who are not only compassionate, nurturing, and patient but also passionate about what they do, and truly care about the well-being of each infant.  We have chosen a staff who demonstrates the ability to empathize with the infants and understand their needs despite their lack of verbal skills.  Another important quality that our staff offers is the desire to communicate with parents. The Carriage House wants to establish an open line of communication between staff and parents on a daily basis in order to recognize and respond to the unique needs and developmental patterns of each infant, and of course, what parent doesn't want to know what their baby did throughout the day?