our philosophy

An infant's first year of life is a significant time of growth and development. We feel that during this time, they respond most effectively to a loving, nurturing and stimulating environment.  Thus, we have created an environment where they will not just grow, but will thrive.  We strive to meet each infant's daily physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs, as well as providing activities to help them reach their developmental milestones.  At no other time is a person's ability to absorb information greater than during his or her infant years. In particular, advances in language and cognitive processes are made in leaps and bounds during this time.  But, to take full advantage of this opportunity, we as caretakers must provide a level of attention and stimulation to fulfill each infant’s heightened capacity.  We have chosen a group of experienced, dedicated, and nurturing caregivers, and established a low infant-to-caregiver ratio,  in order to provide them with the quality care that they deserve.   It is our belief that infants learn best through play.  Therefore, we provide a spacious, fun and interesting play area with developmentally appropriate materials and activities that will encourage exploration and independence, which are key to enhancing development.  Further, our approach responds to each infant's natural sleep pattern and allows for uninterrupted rest in a peaceful setting.   Our overall goal is to provide each infant with the following environmental components: human interaction and nurturing, a fun and dynamic physical space, as well as a cozy area that feels like home. We encourage each baby to discover their world further and further each day, while being surrounded by an atmosphere that is filled with love.